11.12.08CrackedPosted in Painting, Sculpture and Installation at 4:57 pm by webmaster:

You have another ten days to check out the exhibition prosaically titled White Tiles by artist John Francis at Galerie Donald Browne. The artworks Francis creates using humble white bathroom tiles are deceptively simple and exquisitely elegant. Echoing the aesthetics of Sol LeWitt, Francis reaches beyond the stark austerity of pure Minimalism and introduces the element of accident, resulting in a beautiful tension between controlled, straight lines and organic cracks which betray the materiality and process of the artwork. What at first glance appears to be spidery, fine lines drawn with a thin pen and a ruler are in fact cracks in the tiles themselves. I canít even imagine how the artist does it (and Iíve done a fair bit of DIY in my timeÖ). The nearly perfect lines create nearly perfect symmetrical drawings resembling architectural blue-prints, insane snow-flakes, or simple geometric patterns. The vulgar white tile is transformed into a masterpiece which, I hope, will never be hung in a bathroom. Galerie Donald Browne